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Alumni Association

The success of a school rests upon the success of its graduates. They are ambassadors who, through their professional and personal achievements, bring honour to their alma mater. At CEIBS, alumni represent our most valuable asset and are permanent members of the big CEIBS family. The Alumni Association acts as an important channel to serve these stakeholders and tap into this resource. The Association brings together graduates and industry leaders through organised events such as seminars, workshops, and reunions as well as a range of alumni clubs. Activities organised by the Association allow alumni to update their management knowledge, share experiences and insights, create business opportunities, maintain friendships, and pursue career development.

CEIBS boasts the largest alumni network among business schools in mainland China. As of December 2018, the school's Alumni Association represented over 22,000 alumni of CEIBS and its predecessor CEMI, and increases its roster by roughly 1,500 fresh graduates yearly. Alumni form a very strong element of the school community, and play a variety of roles in the development of the school. So far, the Alumni Association had established 63 regional chapters in China and beyond. Meanwhile, there are 67 alumni clubs that cater to alumni's personal interests and career focus.

About Association

As members of the alumni association, you will have the privilege of enjoying the following services:

Invitation to events

  • Conferences, forums and ceremonies organised by school
  • Forums, speeches, seminars, tournaments and parties by the alumni association and its affiliated clubs

Annual Alumni Reunion

News Update

  • CEIBS updated information
  • Alumni events, news and magazines?

Life-long Learning Opportunities

  • Programmes exclusively for alumni
  • Various forums, conferences, seminars and speeches delivered by business elites

Online Alumni Community

  • Lifelong alumni email
  • Personal profile on-line update
  • Alumni directory search
  • BBS

All CEIBS MBA, EMBA and CEMI graduates may apply for membership by following these steps:

1. Fill in the CEIBS Alumni On-line Application Form and email it to?ccecilia@ceibs.edu.

2. Once the Application Form is received, the Alumni Relations Office will email the applicant a user name and password.

Welcome to the CEIBS Alumni Community!

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