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Uncertainty: The New Normal

Volume 1, 2019

Year 2019 began as 2018 ended, with a palpable air of ambiguity about the global economy. Solutions were still being sought for Brexit and trade disputes, while those whose businesses relied on stability and predictability struggled to adapt to the new normal: uncertainty.

We leave Brexit for a future discussion but in this Cover Story, we bring you content — plus access to online videos and more articles — that will hopefully provide the context you need to make sense of the quagmire that is now global trade.

We begin with a Q&A with former WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy, who is now Distinguished Professor at CEIBS, which covers everything from how to avoid future trade spats to what the WTO needs to do to remain relevant. Lamy was just one of the speakers who shared their expertise with us during the events staged as part of CEIBS Insights 2018. In the second piece that makes up the Cover Story, Economics Professor Zhu Tian then offers a uniquely Chinese perspective on the impact the ongoing trade dispute will have on the country’s economy in the years ahead. And with the recognition that market access, openness and fair trade are among the issues often raised in the ongoing trade dispute, we bring you renowned economist Wu Jinglian’s big-picture analysis of China’s efforts — thus far — at reform and opening up.

The Cover Story then wraps up with a look back at some of the other major issues discussed during CEIBS Insights 2018. Read on for more in:


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