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CEIBS Difference

A true partner in corporate talent development, CEIBS Executive Education prides itself in developing programmes that equip business leaders of today and build leaders of tomorrow. CEIBS Executive Education offers:

Global Perspective: A truly world - class faculty, educated and taught in the worlds' top business schools and experienced in teaching executives around the world.

Professional: Dedicated to excellence in executive education, China Europe International Business School's experienced team of Executive Education faculty cater directly to the needs of our participants.

High Value: Our rigorous participant selection process, effective class management, and commitment to high quality programmes ensure a high learning "return" for our participants.

Trustworthy: With our proven track record in educating executives, and as the only Asian business school to be ranked for five consecutive years as one of the top 50 executive education programmes in the world by the Financial Times, CEIBS Executive Education is a trustworthy choice for your executive needs.

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