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  • About CEIBS

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  • About CEIBS

    China Depth, Global Breadth

    CEIBS Beijing
  • About CEIBS

    Unmatched China knowledge, proven global expertise

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CEIBS Establishment


China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), a joint-venture for management education, was co-founded by the Chinese government and European Union (EU) in 1994, with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the EFMD serving as its executive partners. CEIBS has campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Accra in Ghana, and Zurich in Switzerland.

As China’s only business school to originate from government-level collaboration, CEIBS is committed to educating responsible leaders versed in “China Depth, Global Breadth” in line with its motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation and Excellence”. Leaders from the Chinese central government and the EU have respectively lauded CEIBS as “a cradle of excellent executives” and “a role model of EU-China cooperation”.

CEIBS offers MBA, Finance MBA, EMBA, Global EMBA, Hospitality EMBA, Executive Education and PhD programmes. Renowned for its academic rigour, CEIBS is the first business school on the Chinese mainland to have been accredited by both EQUIS and AACSB and the only business school in Asia to have simultaneously made it to the Financial Times’ top 5 list of MBA and EMBA programmes.

CEIBS’ faculty team, among the best in Asia, is uniquely equipped to deliver a combination of China Depth and Global Breadth in both teaching and research. More than 70 full-time faculty members, experts in five disciplines, represent 18 countries and regions worldwide. They bring a wealth of experience from teaching overseas, research and business practice. Each year, the school also invites nearly 100 visiting faculty members from all over the world to share and exchange the most up-to-date knowledge from both in and outside China.

To date, CEIBS has more than 22,000 alumni from over 80 countries worldwide, and has provided a broad range of management programmes for more than 160,000 executives both at home and abroad.

While drawing on overseas experience, CEIBS is devoted to in-depth analysis of China’s business practices. Among the 2018 list of Most Cited Researchers from Chinese Institutions, 9 of the academics in the business, management and accounting category were from CEIBS. ?This is the fifth?consecutive year that CEIBS has featured prominently in this category, an indicator of the school’s research capabilities in these fields.

Initiated by CEIBS, the Global Platform of China Cases has compiled over 1,200 China-focused cases, laying a solid foundation for providing China-specific knowledge. The school’s research, which is at the top tier of authoritative rankings, combines the latest theory with practical knowledge. Its research centres keep abreast of ever-changing business practices in vital areas such as globalization of Chinese enterprises, innovation & entrepreneurship, fintech, etc.

Each year, in dozens of major cities across Asia, Europe and Africa, CEIBS harnesses global insights and wisdom to host high-end academic and industry forums. These events focus on key industries and topical issues such as automobile, healthcare, internet, prestigious brands, family business & heritage, innovation and entrepreneurship, and more. In line with current trends towards ‘mass entrepreneurship & innovation’, CEIBS launched the Entrepreneurship Platform (E-Platform), to establish an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation through the school’s strong alumni network and global resources, integrating educational programmes, entrepreneurial coaching and services, incubation, and financial services into an organic system that accompanies CEIBS entrepreneurs at every step as they move forward, to eventually contribute to China's strategy of ‘mass entrepreneurship & innovation’ and its economic transformation.

Over the past 25 years, CEIBS has grown in tandem with the Chinese economy. In the years ahead, the school will continue to emphasise innovation, transformation, and globalisation of the Chinese economy in order to facilitate global economic cooperation.

CEIBS Partners

At the establishment of CEIBS, the signing parties on the official founding contract were?Shanghai Jiao Tong University?and the?European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). These organisations continue to provide the institutional guarantees that make CEIBS a centre of excellence in business management and research within Asia and worldwide.

Over a hundred years old,?Shanghai Jiaotong University?is one of the leading universities in China. It has extensive and long-standing contacts with businesses in the?country, and is thus able to facilitate CEIBS’ relations with the Chinese corporate world.

EFMD?is an international membership organisation, based in Brussels, Belgium. With more than 700 member organisations from academia (including 500 of the world’s leading business schools), business, public service and consultancy in 80 countries,?EFMD?provides a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management development.?EFMD?is recognised globally as an accreditation body of quality in management education and has established accreditation services for business schools and business school programmes, corporate universities and technology-enhanced learning programmes.

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