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This is an issue of firsts!

It’s the first one since the start of 2019, or the Year of the Pig as we say here in China!

It’s the first one since the magazine’s mini makeover. (Thanks to all who voted on our new cover design!)

And it’s the first issue that will also be available on LinkedIn!

So what do we have for you? A lot!

We take a backward glance, just enough to provide perspective for what’s ahead. We highlight some of the most read content of 2018 — the fruit of our faculty’s hard work — plus we celebrate their wins, accolades and awards. There is also a look back at what 2018 has been like at our campuses abroad, in Zurich and Accra; and also a snapshot of what CEIBS’ official Instagram site looked during those months. If you’re not following us on Instagram, you’re missing out!?

We also remind you of the wealth of content generated throughout the year under the umbrella of the far-reaching CEIBS Insights project. In the?Cover Story, for example, Pascal Lamy, the former WTO Director-General whose expertise is world renowned, speaks frankly of the state of global trade. The piece wraps up with QR codes to access more online content from his week-long visit to CEIBS last December, his first after being appointed our Distinguished Professor. Professor of Economics Zhu Tian’s snappy analysis of the impact that the US-China trade dispute will have on the future of the Chinese economy then provides an insider’s view on a topic that has implications for the entire world.

And what’s ahead for 2019? Presidents Li Mingjun and Dipak Jain provide a roadmap, one that we will follow this year as the school celebrates its 25th anniversary. We also bring you stories of real people — staff, faculty and alumni — tales that inspire us with confidence that, working together, we can achieve anything.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and its many firsts. If you’re outside China (or inside with VPN on), check out the LinkedIn version of?TheLINK, available at www.linkedin.com/showcase/theceibslink. Be sure to share it with everyone in your network! Also, let us know if you like the magazine’s new layout and, as always, tell us what you want to see in the issues ahead by sending your comments to alumnimagazine@ceibs.edu.

Happy reading!


Snow Zhou


Assistant President, CEIBS

Charmaine N. Clarke


Debuty Director, CEIBS Marcom

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