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  • Finance MBA

    Finance Depth, Managerial Breadth

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  • Finance MBA

    Make your weekends work for you.
    Just 2 Saturdays & Sundays per month.
    Apply for the next class NOW.

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  • Finance MBA

    Are you a rising star?
    Join the financial elite
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Application Procedure

Submit Application Materials

Complete Written Exam

  • Independent admission exam (prepared by CEIBS according to GMAT requirements)
  • Or, GMAT exam (organised by GMAC)
  • 2nd round written exam date:?Jun 15th, 2019

Attend Interview

  • Candidates whose application documents and exam results are accepted by the admission committee will be eligible to appear for the interview round of the admission process.

  • Applicants communicate face to face with the interviewer,?to examine the applicant's experience in the industry, management thinking, the ability to expertise, leadership potential and other?capabilities.

  • 2nd?round interview date: Late Jun, 2019


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