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  • Finance MBA

    Finance Depth, Managerial Breadth

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  • Finance MBA

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Curriculum Structure

CEIBS FMBA Programme is designed to incorporate financial depth and managerial breadth. In addition to teaching the technical aspects of finance, it will also offer courses in general management to create well-rounded graduates who are both strong in finance and capable of leading at the management level. In addition, it includes a one-week overseas module at London Business School, so students will have a chance to study cutting-edge financial theories at one of the world's prestigious business schools, learn best practices through visits to well-known financial institutions, and attend lectures delivered by finance industry leaders and experts. In addition, various financial leaders will be invited to the classroom to share their experience with students.

Opening Module (Residential)
Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct Team Building? TECKMARK

Core Module

(September 2019- June 2020)

Finance / Accounting ? Financial Accounting
? Corporate Finance
? Investments
? Managerial Accounting
Economics / Decision Science ? Economics
? Decision Analysis (Statistics)
? Operations Management
Management / Marketing ? Organisation Behaviour?
? Strategic Management
? Marketing?
? Leadership and Change

Overseas Module

(July 2020)

One week at London Business School, including corporate visit to major London-based financial institutions and exchange houses

Elective Module

(August 2020- August 2021)

Finance-oriented Electives ?
Corporate Finance

? Financial Statement Analysis
? Mergers and Acquisitions
? Entrepreneurial Finance


? Behavioural Finance
? Fixed Income Securities
? Hedge Funds
??Private Equity and Venture Capital

International Finance ? International Finance
Quantitative Finance ? Derivatives
? Quantitative Investment
? Credit Risk
? Analytics of Finance

? Real Estate Finance?
? Supply Chain Finance
? The History and Present Situation of?FinTech Development?
??The Hot Spot Analysis: the Current Economic and Financial Situation
??Modern Bank Management

(For finance-oriented electives, course enrolment priority is given to FMBA students. These electives are also available for current EMBA participants. Similarly, management-oriented electives offered for EMBA participants are also available for FMBA students)

Management-oriented Electives

  • Customer Relationship Management in Digital Era
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Game Theory and Strategic Marketing
  • Public Opinion Orientation in the Omni-media Era
  • The New Strategic Thinking of Digital Economy
  • The Essence of the Art of War
  • Team Leadership and Organization Building

Group Project

(March 2020- May 2021)

The Group Project is an integral part of the curriculum. In Group Project you will apply management theories and framework learned in the classroom to real-world business issues. You will work in a small group to complete a project over a one-year period. This project will include attending an introductory lecture, topic selection, outlining your proposal, writing and revising your report, and giving an oral defence.
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