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  • Finance MBA

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Tuition & Fees

The tuition and fees for FMBA2019?student is RMB 538,000.? This covers:-

Access to all FMBA courses and relevant lectures and workshops, including textbooks and other teaching materials

  • Access to school resources (including library and information centre)
  • Accommodation and meals during residential modules at school
  • Accommodation, meals and ground transportation during overseas section (excluding airfare)??
  • The tuition and fees may be paid in two instalments. The first payment is to be made before the start of the first year of study, covering 60% of the total. The second payment is to be made before the start of the second year of study, covering the remaining 40%. Please refer to the Letter of Acceptance for details on the payment schedule.
  • International students may pay the equivalent amount in foreign currency, based on the exchange rate published by the People's Bank of China on the day of the payment.

Please note: After registration, those who withdraw from CEIBS for personal reasons or who are expelled from CEIBS for disciplinary reasons do not qualify for a refund of the tuition fee.?

There are two ways to pay the tuition and registration fees:

(Registration fee is exempted before Dec 19th, 2018)

Student Loans

Students from mainland China can apply for student loans from the following three local banks, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, and Bank of China in accordance with the agreement signed by the banks and CEIBS.Currently these student loans projects only for Chinese mainland nationals freshmen, they designed a flexible repayment methods, simplified?the application procedures and provide preferential interest rates, hoping to meet the students' loan demands.

  • ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)?CEIBS FMBA Student Loans Contacts: Suo Xiaohang?13817966591, Li bingqing?13020269070
  • Shanghai Pudong Development Bank?CEIBS FMBA?tuition credit card installment business Contacts: Tao Liang?13621752263
  • Bank of China?CEIBS FMBA Student Loans Contacts: Lu Yun 13611824664, Wu Guolong?13564042560
  • Bank of Shanghai?CEIBS FMBA?tuition credit card installment business Contacts:?Lujiazui Branch?Account Manager Li Wenting?13621620112, Manager Ye 13916645594
  • SRCB??CEIBS FMBA tuition credit card installment business Contacts: Jingan Branch Cao Huangjie?15001719967
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