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Programme Schedule

The next intake will begin in?November 2019?and lasts 20 months.

To provide maximum flexibility for participants, the programme has two separate but integrated tracks. The content and faculty are identical for each track, the only difference is the timing and structure of the core modules. Both tracks will mix for all their elective modules, their Opening Module, and Exit Module.

A typical day at the CEIBS Global EMBA programme will include lectures by professors, group work and case study discussion, individual and group presentations, as well as guest speakers. Lunch and coffee/tea breaks are held throughout the day, and classes meet from 9am to 6pm on class days.?Take a look at what a typical class day looks like?here.

Course Schedule for 2018?Class

Ross Demirel???Australia

General Manager
Mobile Product Engineering
Global EMBA 2010

"My EMBA experience was fantastic and my classmates were a constant inspiration to me. The classroom brought such rich diversity. When we were discussing business cases, I could hear completely different perspectives from a range of cultures, functions and industries. It gave me the chance to step back from my own work bubble and reflect deeply upon my self and analyse business challenges and opportunities from a totally new angle."

Wenyu Shang???China

Global Director of Technology
PolyOne Corp.
Global EMBA 2014

"Global EMBA was one of most valuable investments I have made. The programme polished our business fundamentals to make us better leaders. It brought together 59 classmates, many of whom have become my great friends for life. I hope many more people will have the privilege to participate in this programme to make their careers and lives much better.?"

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