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The tuition for the 2019 intake is CHF 100,000 (approx. CNY 700,000)

The application fee is RMB 1,800.

The tuition fee covers:

Tuition for the 18-month programme;
Textbooks and other teaching materials. Access to libraries, computer resources, and other facilities;
Tuition for all overseas modules, including lunch and ground transportation. Accommodation will be charged separately. Students are required to make their own flight arrangements;
Lunches during all modules

Payment Schedule: The HEMBA tuition fee can be paid in two installments

The first payment of 60% is due within two weeks of receipt of our Admission Notice to reserve your seat
The second payment of 40% is due before the 7th module.

Please note: After registration, those who drop out of HEMBA for personal reasons or who are expelled from the programme for disciplinary reasons, do not qualify for a refund of tuition fee.

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