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International Advisory Board (IAB)

The CEIBS International Advisory Board is formed by eminent leaders from a variety of sectors. By pooling global wisdom, it advises school leadership on strategic issues and supports CEIBS in its quest for “China Depth” and “Global Breadth”.

Current Members
Mr. de Villepin, Dominique (Chairman)
Former Prime Minister of France
Distinguished Professor of CEIBS

Ms. Barbizet, Patricia
President, Temaris & Associés
Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Kering Group

Mr. Bouée, Charles-Edouard
CEO of Roland Berger

Mr. Cai, Mingpo
Founder & President of Cathay Capital Private Equity

Ms. Cheng, Joann
Global Partner of Fosun International
Chairwoman of Fosun Fashion Group

Dr. Gao, Guofu
Chairman of SPD Bank Co., Ltd.

Mr. Idei, Nobuyuki
Founder & CEO of Quantum Leaps Corporation
Former Chairman & Group CEO of SONY

Mr. Norsa, Michele
Member of Board of Directors of Ermenegildo Zegna

Mr. Sagnières, Hubert
Chairman & CEO of Essilor Group

Mr. Tian, Ming
Chairman of Landsea Group

Ms. Todini, Luisa
Owner & Chair, Todini Finanziaria S.P.A
President, Comitato Leonardo (Italian Quality Committee)

Mr. Wu, Guangquan
Chairman of China Aviation Industry General Aircraft

Ms. Yang, Marjorie
Chairman of Esquel Group


Honorary Chairmen
Mr. Liu, Chuanzhi

Honorary Chairman of Legend Group

Dr. Quelch, John A.
Vice Provost & Dean of the School of Business Administration, University of Miami
Dean Emeritus, China European International Business School
Senior Associate Dean Emeritus, Harvard Business School

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