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  • PhD

    Shanghai Jiaotong University-CEIBS PhD Programme

    Apply now
  • PhD

    Shanghai Jiaotong University-CEIBS PhD Programme

    Apply now





  • Candidates should submit applications through the SJTU graduate school website.


  • Professors screen application materials.

1st round examination (organised by SJTU)

  • The first round examination consists of an English language test and specialised course tests.

2nd round examination
(organised by CEIBS)

  • Interview notices sent out.
  • Review of all application materials
    • Application materials include official transcripts and diplomas, application form, research outputs, GMAT, proposal, two letters of recommendation, abstract and index of master’s degree thesis, etc.
  • Written tests.
  • Specialised knowledge assessments.
  • Comprehensive assessments made by advisors.
  • Interview
  • Physical examination.


  • Candidates are ranked according to their scores.
  • The admission list is determined/finalised and reported to SJTU.
  • Admission notification.

Please refer to this link to apply

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