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Featured News

CEIBS Welcomes VIPs for Special Executive Reception

May 24, 2019. Shanghai – Representatives from more than a dozen European consulates in Shanghai along with top executives from numerous multi-national corporations were today welcomed to our Shanghai Campus for a special CEIBS Insights Executive Reception that included a keynote speech by Former Prime Minister of France and CEIBS Distinguished Professor Dominique de Villepin. The event, part of the on-going CEIBS 25th Anniversary Celebration, was held under the theme of China and the World: New Era and New Impetus.


CEIBS and Credit Suisse Co-host Zurich Forum on Innovation

May 17, 2019. Zurich – A comparison of Switzerland’s long history of innovation and China’s emerging global recognition as a major player in innovative processes and products provided the framework for spirited discussions during today’s Zurich leg of CEIBS Insights 5th Europe Forum 2019. The event, which also explored ways in which both countries can work together, was co-organised by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Credit Suisse. It brought together thought leaders, innovators, and business minds from Europe and China to look at China’s evolution from copycat culture to leading innovator as well as how Switzerland has developed its own unique ecosystem for innovation.


American, Chinese Execs and Scholars Discuss Digital Innovation at CEIBS US Forum

May 15, 2019. Boston, USA — As the entire world keeps a watchful eye on the on-going US-China trade dispute, about 80 high-level Chinese business executives and entrepreneurs joined scholars from the US and China in Boston on May 15 for a discussion on how both sides can work together to break new ground in today's digital economy. Undeterred by the trade friction that has dragged on for more than a year, they gathered for a half-day event co-hosted by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Z-Park Innovation Center.


CEIBS Uniqueness Highlighted as EU Ambassador to China Visits Shanghai Campus

May 10, 2019. Shanghai – In line with the school’s continued efforts to enhance ties between China and Europe, CEIBS this afternoon welcomed to our Shanghai Campus Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union to China Nicolas Chapuis for a special Master Class on the topic of Bringing Europe-China Relationship to a New Level: What are the New Opportunities for EU Businesses in China and Chinese Investments in Europe? The event is part of the on-going CEIBS 25th Anniversary Celebration spanning 5 campuses on 3 continents.


CSR Focus and a Look Ahead as CEIBS 25th Anniversary Celebration Begins

April 13, 2019. Beijing & Shanghai — With an electronic laser light show to get the evening started and an impressive tech-inspired button push to end the night, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) today launched the China leg of its 25th Anniversary Celebration with parallel ceremonies in both Beijing and Shanghai. The launch followed an alumni-led CSR forum in the capital, and throughout the entire day there was a recurring theme of CEIBS’ role in educating business leaders who go beyond financial success to achieve global significance.


Event Highlights

Speeches from CEIBS US Forum

MIT Professor of Physics
Max Tegmark

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CEIBS Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management Xiande Zhao

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Northwestern University’s Director of CS Plus X Initiative Kristian J. Hammond

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Speeches from CEIBS 25th Anniversary Launch

CEIBS President Li Mingjun

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CEIBS President (European) Dipak Jain

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CEIBS Honorary Professor Wu Jinglian

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Media Coverage

Headline: American, Chinese Execs and Scholars Discuss Digital Innovation at CEIBS US Forum
The event press release, with CEIBS' message, was distributed to media via PR Newswire. The focus was on the US media. Within 48 hours, it was posted 187 times, for a potential audience of almost 86 million. It was carried by the influential Yahoo Finance, along with local affiliates of major US television networks NBC, ABC, etc.
It was also picked up by media in Europe and Asia.
Media: Yahoo! Finance | NBC | ABC
Headline: CSR Focus and a Look Ahead as CEIBS 25th Anniversary Celebration Begins
Release picked up by 393 media with a potential audience of 144.5 million
Media: Bloomberg   Yahoo! Finance   NBC TV   Apple News   ADVFN Germany   Boston Herald   Fox TV   ABC TV   Canadian Business Journal   FinanzNachrichten.de   Daily Herald [Chicago, IL]   ADVFN Italy   IANS India   finanzen.net   Business Today India   Dow Jones MarketWatch

Headline: The world-leading window
Media: China Daily

Headline: Africa: Vital to CEIBS' Internationalisation Strategy
Media: Graphic Online | Print Copy

Headline: CEIBS to offer Nigerian businesses investment opportunities
: Vanguard

Headline: Africa Urged to Prepare for China's 85 Million Jobs Export
Media: All Africa | This Day

Headline: CEIBS Chief Recommends Chinese Model for Economic Growth
Media: Business Post

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