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Newly available advertisement pages in TheLINK, CEIBS alumni magazine.?
Promote your products and service to 100,000+ elite executives in the CEIBS Community.?
Discounts available for CEIBS alumni!


10,000 printed copies per issue, hit & downloaded by 80,000 online visitors?
Bilingual magazine (Chinese and English),published every?three months.

Readers include more than 22,000 CEIBS students and alumni (add 1,500 annually) in China and abroad, corporate sponsors and important clients in China, Europe and Africa, Chinese and European Union government organizations, EFMD member organizations and exchange colleges.?
1,000 copies - MBA/FMBA/EMBA students ?
6,000 copies - MBA/EMBA/Exec Ed alumni?
2,000 copies - corporate sponsors, school promotion activities, Executive Forums, foreign embassies in China and consulates in Shanghai, overseas college partners (University of Pennsylvania: Wharton, Harvard Business School, EFMD)?
1,000 copies - CEIBS Alumni Association Chapters across China and alumni ambassadors across the globe.

Advertisement for LINK 2017 ?

Only 10 pages available per issue -- "First come, First served" principle ?



Artwork Specifications
1. Size: Full page?
Net size: 212*275 mm;?
Bleeding: 3 mm for each side;?
Live area: 10 mm margin at least for each side;

2. Acceptable file type?
'*.ai' or '*.eps' (Illustrator format) files with all linked files;?
'*.tiff', '*.psd' or '*.jpeg' file (resolution of 300dpi with actual size to match the?
Full colour file in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) colour system;?
Grayscale values can also be measured as percentages of black ink coverage (0%?
is equal to white, 100% is equal to black)

3. Building software?
Illustrator version CS2 or lower;?
Indesign CS2;?
Photoshop version CS2 or lower.?

Contact Person:?
Ms. Lei Na
Managing Editor?
Tel: 021-2890 5501
Fax: 021-2890 5273
E-mail: alumnimagazine@ceibs.edu

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