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WELA Programmes

WELA Programmes

??WELA Programme, Accra, Ghana?– November 2018 - June?2019
??WELA Programme, Lagos, Nigeria?– November 2018 - June?2019
??WELA Programme, Casablanca, Morocco?– January - June?2019
??WELA Programme, Johannesburg, South Africa?–?May - September 2019

The Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership for Africa Programme (WELA) is a practical, hands-on programme that examines the issues, challenges and opportunities women face in creating, managing and leading companies in Africa. ?It aims to teach women how to become effective entrepreneurs and also provides them with the skills to coach other women entrepreneurs. The 5-module programme includes Entrepreneurship mentoring throughout the duration of the programme.

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Please click here to complete Online Application for WELA

Or please download the WELA Application Form here

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